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A brief peek into the history

the Baratang island. It is a small island with only 3 small districts within – South Creek, Adazig and Nilumbur. Baratang island is a part of the North and Middle Andaman group of islands. If you want to enter a world away from the chaos of the modern world, then Baratang is the place you must visit. The island is so remote that the central region of the island has almost no inhabitants at all therefore mobile networks are pretty scarce and thus the Internet is very rare.

A brief peek into the history

During the colonial period, Baratang island was a place of a rush. This island was a h

The Journey

Ride through the mangroves to see the Limestone caves.There are ways to reach Baratang island either you can go for a boat ride or you can go for the road journey. The journey takes place on the Andaman trunk road where in a region reserved for Jarawas vehicles have to follow convey system.   Baratang island has now emerged as a famous tourist spot in recent years. With the eruption of Mud Volcano, the popular Limestone caves, the untouched Baludera beach, and the almost ethereal Parrot island have made Baratang a tourist hub.



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